The restaurant is closed Until the completion of the new center, be a partner to make it faster.

We are honored to share with you the launching of the campaign to build the first Jewish center on the Island of Malta after more than two thousands years of Jewish presence in the history of Malta. 

The plan is to build a Jewish center that will be a home for all what the community and tourist needs & deserves Includes a kosher restaurant and catering.

The generosity of All is essential to support this historical project and its achievement in the History of the Jews of Malta. 

Kindly visit Campaign page to join forces with us and contribute to this historical Achievement.  



תמונת פרסום.jpg 

 Saying "L'chaim" in Judaism is an expression of bringing people together, when one wishes the other blessings of life and peace and his fellow replies "For life and blessings".
Saying "L'chaim" takes place at various occasions, such as: friends gathering, Shabbat and Holiday meals and at times of happiness.
So let's sit together, and wish each other "L'chaim", for life, blessings and peace.

Bon appetite!


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Kosher stores

In Malta there is no kosher food store except for the kosher restaurant where you can buy a variety of Kosher products.

In local shops and super market you can also find some kosher products.  Click here for the list