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  •  SORRY, we don't host Shabbat and holiday meals Until the completion of the new center, be a partner to make it faster.

    In the meantime we offer packed food for Shabbat at 30 euros per person.
    Contact us at the site's WhatsApp icon or contact us.

    It's recommended to order before Wednesday evening of the same shabbat, but no later than Thursday 9 pm.
    No orders will be accepted on Friday and the payment will be a donation to Chabad activities

    Every Shabbat & Holiday we celebrate the meals at the Chabad Center together with Jews from around the world. The meals take place at The Chabad Center.

    In order to help us organize properly, please fill up the following form, and submit as early as possible.

    This is a great opportunity so discover how united we are; How much we have in common; How much we can rise above the routine, and discover the hidden soul within us; To discover that there is a real Beauty of our nation, and to absorb a pure-natural Jewish pride for the rest of the Journey… The Power of Unity

    Participation Fee :

    Friday / Holiday Dinner: 30 Euro per person
    Shabbat / Holiday Brunch: 30 Euro per person
    Reduced participation fees for children up to the age of 10

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  • Shabbat and Holiday Schedule

    Friday / Holiday Night:

    Shabbat Candle Lighting:
    The lighting will take place in the Chabad House .See Shabbat candle lighting time .

    Kabbalat Shabbat Service: The prayer (for men and women) half an hour after Shabbat Candle lighting, The service takes place at the Chabad.

    Shabbat Dinner: At the end of the Service, we hold the full traditional Shabbat Dinner. We start the meal with the singing of "Shalom Alechem", followed by the Kiddush. Throughout the meal we sing the traditional Shabbat songs in a Heimishe atmosphere.

    Shabbat / Holiday Day (Saturday):

    Walking to Ta/xbiex Synagogue: At 9:00 meeting point on 'Balluta-Square' next to Marriott Hotel, St. Julian
    9:30 There will be a Chassidus lesson as a preparation for the prayer.

    Shacharit Service: The service starts at 10:00 in the Ta'Xbiex synagogue.

    Shabbat Brunch: approx. 13:00 there is a Kiddush and Shabbat Meal in the Chabad Center.

    Mincha Service: The service starts after the meal at Chabad Center.

    Ma'ariv Service and Havdalah: At the end of Shabbat ( See Shabbat Times ).
    The Ma'ariv service takes place followed by the Havdalah.

    Comfortable accommodations for Shomrei Shabbat Gusts:
    Click here for a list of Hotels which are situated within a walking distance (up to 15 min. walk) from the Chabad House.

    Malta does not have ERUV, Carrying is not possible.

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